This is a phrase we hear time and time again from both successful and unsuccessful business men.It has gradually become like a childhood song which keeps on playing in our ears and we tend to undermine just how important thinking big is and how influential it can be in being successful.

Most people tend to set very low goals which are definitely achievable just because of the fear of failure. Well, thinking big is important in motivating you to to work harder and thereby realizing more.Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich dad poor dad gives a wonderful example which clearly shows how important it is to think big. Let us look at a similar example so as to better your view over this phrase and make you recognize how powerful it can be.

Mr John and Mr Peter entrepreneurs who operate similar businesses. At the start of the year they both made target amount of profit they wished to realize by the end of the year. Mr John aims to make a profit 100,000 while Mr Peter aims higher to make a profit of 250,000. At the end of the year, Mr John makes a profit of 120,000 which is well above his expectations while Mr Peter makes a profit of 210,000 which is a little lower than his intended profit.

Mr John is completely satisfied with his profits. On the other hand, Mr Peter is a little disappointed after working extremely hard the whole year he wasn’t able to reach his goals. So he tends to be motivated to work harder so as to surpass them the following year. Comparing the two business men, Mr Peter made a higher profit and he is motivated to keep on working harder for the next year. Mr John made a lower profit and is happy with his exploits for the year.

This then leads to the gradual differentiation in the levels of the two business men who all started at the same position. Mr Peter ends up being more successful and rich than Mr John and it all came down to Thinking Big.

So you should set higher expectations which will drive you to work harder and thereby pushing you forth to the next level.

By Ngwa Sherwood N

21 May, 2016.



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